I love not only practical but also beautiful tools.

I am Kunihiko Tanaka, the President of the Royal Master Scissors Company.
I have high expectations for everything I use in my everyday life.
My love of watches and cars has made me pay close attention to the details of fine workmanship.

I make scissors. I am proud of our high quality products and am always striving to create the very best. My client base of professional customers shows that my products are the very best available.

We would love to hear you say “ Investing in a tool of this quality is definitely money well spent!” Our Mission is to provide the very best that meet your satisfaction.
I am hoping that we can grow together with our customers.
With Warmest Regards,

Kunihiko Tanaka


Unbelievable sharpness!

This is our best line, using ultra-high carbon steel. The handle has a “master grip” – hand curved treatment which fits your fingers perfectly and provides better balance. Using a leaf spring screw instead of an embedded screw, you feel the stability and smoothness. Adjustment is also easy even if the screw becomes loose.


Specialized for ladies and petite hands.

This line is the small version of our best product “ the Maximas-Master” series. Everybody is different, the length, thickness of the fingers and the size of the palm. We make different sizes of scissors to fit every hand. We offer the best products for the petite hand by making a shorter handle and smaller rings.


Impressive! Better than thinning shears!

All Smooth-Master models have a fixed finger rest on each side for using both sides of the blade.
The screw stays tight by using an 8m/m embedded screw.
You will be delighted with our ergonomic arched handle design.

How to measure your shears size

We provide various sizes from 5 inched to 7 inched. Choose the size that fits your hand!
Use your left palm if you are right handed. (Right palm if you are left handed.) Measure your middle finger from base to top.

58m/m-65m/m 5.0 inch
65m/m-70m/m 5.5 inch
68m/m-78m/m 5.8 inch
70m/m-80m/m 6.0 inch
80m/m-85m/m 6.3 inch
85m/m-88m/m 6.5 inch
85m/m-90m/m 6.8 inch
86m/m-92m/m 7.0 inch